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Welcome to The Development Academy

for newcomers to Canada!!

Our Core Values

Be Courageous

Boldly embrace new and scary things in pursuit of your goals and dreams.

Be Respectful

Honor diverse perspectives, accept differences, and foster a culture of inclusivity.

Use Collective Wisdom

Collaborate, foster teamwork, and nurture partnerships for shared success.

Embrace Challenges

Persevere through adversity, and bounce back stronger with unwavering determination.

Lorraine's Credentials

Founder of The Development Academy

  • Unique background that emphasizes personal presentation, first impressions, and relationship building

  • 100s of workshops delivered

  • Corporate Business Development Manager

  • Certified International Etiquette Consultant

  • Certified Image Consultant

  • Certified Stylist

  • Author, Key Note Speaker, Business Owner, Professional Model and TV host

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