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Customer Service & The Canadian Workplace

Our Customer Service and the Canadian Workplace online course was designed for newcomers to Canada. It is all of the tools you need to launch a new, successful career here in Canada.

  • Customer Service & Canadian Workplace

    This is the perfect introduction to any newcomers in Canada who are entering the workforce.
    • Customer Centered Philosophy
    • Greetings and Manners
    • Canadian Hiring Process
    • Canadian Workplace Teamwork
    • Angry and Unsatisfied Customers
    • Body Language, Facial Expressions and Gestures
    • Professional Appearance
    • Canadian Workplace Health and Safety
    • Workplace Ethics
    • Common Cultural Miscommunications
    • Time Management
    • Words of Encouragement
    • 7 Universal Facial Expressions
    • The Canadian Experience
    • Bonus: First Impressions

Individual modules from the Customer Service & The Canadian Workplace Course

Purchase individually for $9.99 per module