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Embrace Discomfort on the Road to Success.

Pivoting my business in an entirely different direction has been an uncomfortable feeling to say the least. Leaving what I know and love to move in a direction where I am so new honestly had me contemplating folding my operation for good. Discomfort lurked around every corner as I was getting deepter and deeper into stuff I knew little about. Afterall, I'm a former Model who started a business to develop aspiring Models and teach the public skills for a winning Image, professionalism and deportment. What did I know about the world of Newcomers and their barriers to integration, social connection and obtaining meaningful work?

I am about a year into it now, pivoting that is, and I can confidently say that I am grateful for all that I am learning. The thing about discomfort is that if you keep your cool, and perspective, you have moments of amazement wherby you realize how much "new" stuff you have learned and what you may be capable of if you just keep going.

A year ago I decided to put my content online and direct it toward a new audience, young professionals and companies who hire professionals. I thought both of those markets would be prime for my courses. Afterall, we are a society where civility, manners, professionalism are really slipping, right? Wouldn't people jump at the chance to give themselves or their employees an edge in life with superior interpersonal skills? nope!

So, embracing discomfort and the unknown I approached an organization that supports Newcomers to Canada and just like that I had my first contract! they purchased a one year license to access all of my online courses.

Since then I have been in full swing creating more courses, developing and delivering workshops for Newcomer related organizations and the future looks bright. My new sales and marketing strategy will be ready soon and I have a new course due out in the fall of 23.

Throughout this I have learned that to quit when you're uncomfortable is denying yourself an opportunity to succeed. Success lurkes on the other side of discomfort.

If you are new to our Country or you are trying to get that perfect job I want you to know that you must embrace discomfort if you want to succeed. You must endeavour to learn about that which you want to be a part of. I promise you it's worth the discomfort.

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